Warning Signs of Sibling Abuse

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As survivors have written to me, I am prompted to educate parents about sibling abuse. Many of the survivors are parents as well and I would like to share the symptoms of sibling abuse: Continue reading

The Aftermath of Sibling Abuse

The mind of a child is not resilient when it comes to exceptional circumstances where the victim came before severe sibling aggression. At the time of injury, many sibling abuse victims were in the first neurological stages for the foundation of their brain. Continue reading

Sibling Abuse is not Recognized

During the late 19th and 20th centuries, Sigmund Freud, often referred to as the father of psychoanalysis, explored the effects of childhood to what is patients were experiencing. Among the traumas that he failed to isolate, was sibling abuse. Today, sibling abuse is considered normal. The world community has not … Continue reading



Dear Survivors,

I am so encouraged by your comments. I would like to introduce my new website: www.hope4siblings.com. If you would like to contact me, please do so with the contact sheet.

Recovery from SIBLING ABUSE is often a difficult task. The aftermath of SIBLING ABUSE can be devastating to the individual’s life and that of their partner and children. In just America, it is estimated that there are 40 million Adult SIBLING ABUSE SURVIVORS. Continue reading

Support This Landmark book

SIBLING ABUSE leaves a profound mark on the child’s life. It affects trust and socialization in the waters and rapids of adulthood. There are 40 million survivors in America and many don’t connect that sibling abuse affected their adulthood. GIRL IN THE WATER: A True Story of Sibling Abuse by … Continue reading

Surviving Sibling Abuse & Revenge

              I have been watching a television show called Revenge. After five episodes, I am hooked. As I am watching it, I think of the revenge I harbored toward my abusive sibling. Because of the abuse that came from her, there is not one … Continue reading


     This morning, I was told the numbers count for my book GIRL IN THE WATER. The amount came to 2,400. The ranking at AMAZON is 675,032. This is not good. Some of the books are now being returned to the publisher as unsold. After all of this got rectified … Continue reading

3 Clues If You Are With A Controller

      Dear Survivors, You are always in my thoughts. My time in writing you is well spent. I read your statements and I am so proud to know you. As a survivor of sibling abuse, my life quest has been to figure out my contact with other human … Continue reading

Would You HELP This Cause?

As I have been involved in writing, being interviewed, and speaking about SIBLING ABUSE, I have come to certain conclusions. The world doesn’t really care about this issue. It will be survivors and those who work with survivors, who make a shift in the minds of so many. As some … Continue reading

What is Your Relationship like With Your Child?

Yesterday, I participated in a botched coun- seling session with my son. I was abhorred by what the therapist said and how she conducted the session. When I left, I felt as I did as a child who had been dominated by my abusive sister. Today, as I look back … Continue reading