The need for education on bullying and sibling abuse has never been greater. Our commitment leads us to join in partnership with you to provide valuable education.

The following interactive workshops are the cornerstone of our efforts to fight these issues.

Adult Sibling Abuse Survivors

Sibling Abuse Workshop

Anti-Bullying Workshop

Each workshop is extensively researched and built on a general framework of foundational concepts and competencies. The content of each workshop is uniquely adapted to give “basics” that position the student for success. Facilitated workshops are augmented by information pertaining to domestic violence and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD).

Workshop formats are relayed through lecture and interactive small groups.

*Training sessions can be expressly tailored for your programming focus.

Please contact Nancy for more information about holding a workshop in your area.

  • 53 out of every 100 children abuse their brother or sister.
  • It is estimated that 3 children in 100 are dangerously violent toward a brother or sister.
  • When all types of mild aggression and extreme violence toward a sibling are considered, the estimate is more than 36 million individual acts of sibling aggression each year.
  • It appears that sibling abuse is the most common and the most overlooked form of family violence.
  • In a nationwide survey of 2,143 families, researchers concluded that violent acts between siblings occurred more frequently than child abuse or husband-wife abuse.

Sibling abuse is not as obvious as spousal abuse.  For a child, the opportunity to flee is not an option.

The research link between Bullying and Sibling Abuse warrants attention!


Nancy is available for speaking engagements, workshops, Skype and phone consults.  Please contact her for more information.

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