Are you a Survivor of Sibling Abuse, Sexual Assault, or a Dysfunctional Family ?

Coming to terms with trauma is a vital, life-altering step. The gift of recovery is available to you. Many adult survivors, particularly those of Sibling Abuse, are not only repeatedly mis-diagnosed, they spend countless hours with unproductive therapies and therapists.

Often Adult Sibling Abuse Survivors aren’t in therapy that will shift the trauma that came from a sibling(s).

Sibling abuse can have a long-lasting impact on adulthood.

Research indicates that the long-term effects of surviving sibling abuse can include:

  • Depression, anxiety, and low self-esteem
  • Inability to trust; relationship difficulties
  • Alcohol and drug addiction
  • Learned helplessness
  • Eating disorders
  • PTSD- difficulty with focus, wanting to isolate, panic attack

Become Empowered

Jumpstart a new life

Jumpstart depression and anxiety

Increase confidence

Adult sibling abuse survivors need trauma referrals.
Receive a personalized EMDR referral-match with a professional trauma therapist in your local area.

EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization Reprocessing) is a  breakthrough therapy in mental health and is an empowering tool, proven effective for life challenges relating to PTSD. An EMDR therapist can act as a guide in helping you to understand anxiety, deal with life problems, develop new skills, and change relationships. EMDR therapy is an accepted treatment for PTSD by the American Psychological Association (APA), Veterans Administration (VA), Department of Defense (DOD) and The International Society for Traumatic Stress (ISTSS).

EMDR can be helpful in overcoming unresolved issues from your past that may keep you from enjoying success and happiness.

“Nancy has the ability to help a survivor with therapy referrals. I finally worked with a therapist who understands what sibling abuse does to an adult life.” – Gloria

“Without reservation, it gives me great pleasure to endorse Nancy’s therapy referral. I spent many years in the wrong type of therapy.” – Jeff

Through a telephone/SKYPE consult, you will be interviewed for your preferences. The following relevant questions will be asked:

  • What are your issues? Sibling Abuse, parental abuse, sexual assault, repeated negative relationships?
  • What is your location and driving distance?
  • Do you want to work with a woman or a man?
  • Do you want to work with someone older or close in age?
  • Do you want to work with someone from same religion or ethnic group?
  • Sexual orientation?
  • Preferred language preferences of Spanish, French, etc.?
  • Insured coverage or not?
  • Do you want your partner or family member to be involved?

Through your initial intake of your preferences, you will be provided with the names of 3 EMDR therapists who are carefully matched to your individual issues and preferences.

You deserve a good life. Make the decision now!

Referral Package:

$200 includes telephone Intake, plus 3 matched referrals sent via email.
Prepayment through PayPal.

To enhance your learning experience, you will receive valuable email attachments that include a list of recommended CD’s, books, and YouTube videos.


If You are Struggling, You deserve to live again:
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There are no trips to plan, time off from work, or sitters to arrange. All you need is privacy, an internet connection, and fill out the Contact page.

If your schedule is hectic, you travel often, are home bound, or live in remote areas, you can easily access me.


No one needs to know you are seeking help. It is not necessary to explain yourself to anybody.

No receptionist, no waiting room full of people, no one to explain yourself to, and nobody to make you feel the least bit uncomfortable about getting the help you need.

There’s only you and me, working together so you are “finally” working with a therapist who will help you recover and heal.

You have taken the first step. Take the next.