Sibling Abuse Survivor

In this unflinching memoir, the author leads you on a jolting rollercoaster ride of shocking discoveries of how sibling abuse impacted her adulthood. Sibling Abuse Survivor is a searing, exquisitely and candidly constructed intimate portrait of the secret underworld of a sibling abuse survivor. Her story will impress itself upon your heart as her tragic past unfolds, the present is torn apart, and the future is irrevocably altered… Read More


Girl in the Water

Girl in the Water details the most shuttering examples of sibling abuse, the untold secret in millions of homes. Each year, 19 million children are abused by their siblings and well over 40 million adults have suffered this type of abuse. With vivid imagery and heartbreaking accounts, Kilgore leads readers on a journey into the prison she was born into, where she is confronted with her childhood dreams, family bonds, coming of age in the shadow of terror, and the complex after-effects of bullying and sibling abuse that followed her into adulthood. Struggling to piece together her haunted past before it consumed her, Kilgore shares her inspiring metamorphosis and victorious battle from a fragile, shattered survivor to that of an eventual speaker and activist… Read More